You can create reports in Desigo CC about the functioning of the building automation and control system.

You can configure:

  • The elements in the report (such as tables, plots, logos, form controls, text and so on), and their layout.
  • Filters (such as name, condition, time, and/or row) to populate the elements of the report with information, e.g., if you want a report on a room's activity data over the past month, you could define a name filter and a time filter in an activities table.
  • The formatting of the report elements and the page layout.
  • The output type (PDF or XLS) and the output destination (file, email, or printer).

You can save your report definition for later use, run it, or schedule the report to be run at a specified time.

You can use reports as a reference or as a troubleshooting mechanism. Reports are helpful during system operation.

For example, you can:

  • View a mixed report containing:
    • A table displaying details of all active events for a floor of a building
    • A table displaying a history report of events
    • A trends plot displaying the temperature variations gathered from temperature sensors
  • Export trend data for statistical analysis to:
    • An XLS file
    • A CSV file (according to the EMC requirement)
  • Schedule production of a report using macros and reactions
  • Send a report by email, print it or save it as a PDF

You can export and import report definitions and logos.

You can also create and configure reports for operating procedures. These reports are used during assisted treatment to enter information about how the alarm or event is being handled.