Desigo CC contains libraries with symbols and graphic templates for easy plant graphics engineering. The Graphic Library Browser shows all the available symbols and graphic template objects in your project libraries.


A graphics symbol is a reusable graphic image that represents a piece of equipment, floor, or any component or entity. Symbols are stored in a library and are used to display system object values. Symbols can be associated with one or more object types in the Models & Functions application and bound to object type properties to create substitutions in your graphics that provide a dynamic, visual representation of changing values from Desigo CC.

In its simplest form, a symbol is a graphic made up of drawing elements on the graphic canvas in the Graphics Editor. Each drawing element has a series of associated properties. These properties can be used to create substitutions. Symbols can be associated with an object type

An object type is associated with a symbol in the Models & Functions application. When you drag-and-drop the symbol onto a graphic, the symbol displays the system object values in runtime mode and in the Graphics Viewer. Animation is supported through a series of graphics. Pre-defined symbols are stored in library folders. These symbols are visible and editable from the Graphics Library Browser. Advanced users can create their own symbols.

Generic symbols

A generic symbol is a concept that allows you to create one type of symbol that can support an object that has one or several properties with changing values. Depending on the object, the symbol will not display the elements of the graphic that do not have a data point associated them.

Graphic templates

Desigo CC provides standard BACnet TEC graphics for various applications. You can also create template graphics for TEC applications.

See Desigo CC Getting Started (A6V10415475) and Desigo CC User Guide (A6V10415471).