The application logic (control functions) and the required setting and configuration data are processed during engineering and loaded in the corresponding system products, such as Desigo CC or an automation station during commissioning.

This data is arranged according to two criteria:

  • Data category
  • Data ownership

Data categories: A common method of classifying data in building automation and control systems

Data category


Related terms

Program elements

Software components which perform a predefined task and have a known interface.

Function blocks, functions, program blocks, compounds, solutions

Setting parameters

Values that affect the program elements.

Setpoints, default values, limit values, address settings

Configuration parameters

Data in the form of defined constants, or data that influences the appearance or operability of the plant.

Description data, templates, profile, metadata

Process data

Physical process variables of the plant during operation. History or saved process data are plant data.

Measured values, state variables, calculated values

Data ownership

Data ownership is based on the practical allocation of data to its owner. The owner, usually an organizational entity, a person, or a group of people, checks the data and is responsible for its scope and content. Data ownership shows in which Desigo system product the data is located and which tools are available for its management. Data ownership is divided in four groups.

The following table shows the four data ownership groups.

Data ownership




Program data

Software of a Desigo system product with basic data blocks.

Research & Development (R&D) (HQ)

Project/Library engineer


Collection of predefined, specific, and tested program elements.
Libraries can be copied and customized.

Library manager (HQ/RC)

Project/Library engineer

Project data

All data for the customer project or customer plant.

Project engineer

Plant operator

Plant data

Data from the customer plant saved permanently following commissioning.

Plant operator