General definition

The Desigo version compatibility describes the compatibility of Desigo products:

  • Within a Desigo Xworks Plus (XWP) project (incl. ABT)
  • With the same tool project data
  • On a Desigo runtime system

The compatibility also comprises Desigo project data at both the management level and room automation linked to the same Desigo Xworks Plus (XWP) project.

Desigo system versions

The term refers to the various development phases of the Desigo building automation and control system. The currently supported versions are:

  • Desigo V2.2
  • Desigo V2.3
  • Desigo V2.35
  • Desigo V2.36
  • Desigo V2.37
  • Desigo V4.0
  • Desigo V4.1
  • Desigo V5.0
  • Desigo V5.1
  • Desigo V6.0
  • Desigo V6.1
  • Desigo V6.2
  • Desigo V6.2 Update
  • Desigo V6.2 Update 2
  • Desigo V6.2 Update 3
  • Desigo V6.2 Update 4