Function block Calendar

The calendar object is a function block from the firmware library. It contains a list of dates [DateList] with, e.g., a date or a date range.

The date list [DateList] uses Boolean logic to control the calendar outputs. [PrVal] activates an exception profile if the calendar object is referenced by a schedule object. The outputs tomorrow [Tmw] and day after tomorrow [DayAfTmw] support the optimum start/stop control of the plant.

Standard BACnet object Calendar

The SCHED (schedule) and CAL (calender) function blocks in the firmware library correspond to the SCHED and CAL standard BACnet objects. Standard BACnet object can be operated via the BACnet clients.

The calendar and schedule can be linked at the BACnet level by references. There is no data flow link between the calendar and schedule function blocks in the CFC chart.