The technical view illustrates the technical building services equipment, such as HVAC systems and associated elements, in the building automation and control system.

The technical view helps organize measured and controlled physical variables from specific, technical installations in a building. The technical view is modeled with structure objects. The structure of the technical view represents the hierarchy of the technical installations. Objects representing variables, such as setpoints or operating modes supplement the view.

Plant types

The technical view contains all the conceptual objects in the system. The following plant types have been defined for descriptions and categories:

  • Primary plant: All physical plants that are directly controlled from the automation level, e.g., heating systems, ventilation systems, etc.
  • Room automation: Individual room controls.
  • Global objects: Data objects which exist simultaneously in several automation stations at the automation level, e.g., an exception calendar for the time schedules of all plants. These objects are combined as a virtual plant in a global area and can be invoked as such (global data).

The technical view can be used for other disciplines integrated via PX Open. The technical view and the associated technical designations can be set up in the compounds library.