XWP Project Manager

Create project:

  • Create project
  • Check project in on Branch Office Server (BOS) and define access to project
  • Define project defaults
  • Create control cabinet topology (local specification of the automation station, e.g., control cabinet view)

XWP Hierarchy Viewer and XWP Network Configurator

Create project structure (the building structure is system-oriented):

  • Create project structure
  • Create building topology (building, building parts, etc.)
  • Create system topology (sites)
  • Create network topology (XWP Network Configurator, third party devices, router, computer)
  • BACnet references from third party devices and between primary system and room (demand signals, supervisory)
  • ACP (passwords for accessing the automation stations)

XWP Point Configurator

Create systems:

  • Define systems (systems, system sections, components, data points) (solutions, data points, I/O modules)
  • Configure the operations (XWP Hierarchy Viewer)
    • configure the generic operation
    • Configure the project-specific operation (favorites)

CFC & Simulation

Program and configure:

  • Program in CFC
  • Define points in the I/O Address Editor
  • Parameterize in the Parameter Editor
  • Define alarming and trending


Test and commission:

  • Export data to Desigo CC
  • Download firmware (upgrade if necessary)
  • Load configurations and programs
  • Carry out point test
  • Debug in CFC (if necessary)
  • Create commissioning documentation (local reports)
  • Specialties:
    • Integration (TX Open Tool, BIM Tool)
    • AL Mig (AL Mig Tool)
    • Simulation

XWP Report Manager

Create documentation:

  • Create project documentation