Programming is based on D-MAP principles (Desigo Modular Application Programming), where you assemble blocks into compounds and then you build hierarchically structured solutions using those compounds.

  • In Xworks Plus (XWP) you program in the CFC Classic editor.
  • In the Automation Building Tool (ABT) you program in the CFC Plus editor.

The CFC editors have a different look and feel. Their basic functions and basic library blocks are almost identical.

Programming in XWP for Desigo PX

The Program View describes the concepts and elements on which D-MAP is based: libraries, compounds, blocks, variables, data types and attributes.

The P&I diagram

The Program View is based on the P&I (Process & Instrumentation) diagram. The P&I diagram illustrates the plant and the associated instrumentation in the form of a principles diagram.

The following figure shows a simplified P&I diagram of a partial air conditioning system. The heating coil and its components, including the automation station sequence, are encircled.


XWP is the programming tool for the PX automation station and incorporates all system elements. XWP shows the structural view of the system with the plant, partial plant, aggregates, and components, and, e.g., the compound functional unit for a valve.

Programming in ABT for Desigo room automation

In Desigo room automation, the application architecture comprises the following elements:

  • Hardware configuration: Description of device configurations of the PXC3 automation station
  • BACnet description with field device configuration for TX-I/O, KNX PL-Link and DALI
  • Automation program: Application description comprising application functions, I/Os and CFC charts

This division lets you define application functions or CFC charts independent of the hardware. The division is also reflected in the loadable units in the tool.

The program view describes the basic concepts and elements for programming for Desigo room automation: Libraries, CFC charts, blocks, variables, data types, configuration extensions and attributes.

In Desigo room automation, a program contains the application function (e.g., the lighting function), the associated CFC charts (e.g., the chart for manual control), and the I/O blocks (e.g., the luminaries and buttons).