Desigo CC graphics are built using smart objects that know how they are used and how to represent themselves graphically. Smart objects let you create graphics by dragging objects onto a page, without manually binding an object to graphical symbols.

The Graphics application allows you to create, view, store, and command large graphics representing equipment, floors, buildings, facilities, and entire campuses. These graphical representations can contain dynamic elements to represent devices or values you want to monitor or control. The Graphics application consists of:

  • Graphics Viewer
  • Graphics Editor
  • Graphics Library Browser

Graphics Viewer

The Graphics Viewer lets you view the graphics representing your facility or equipment. You can change the current state of an object’s properties from a graphic. You can filter your view of a graphic by discipline, section, or you can zoom in and out for greater detail or for a birds-eye overview.

Graphics Editor

The Graphics Editor lets you create dynamic graphical representations of your plants, buildings or equipment. You can test and simulate your dynamic graphics before going online with them.

See Desigo CC Graphics Editor (A6V10415487).

Graphics Library Browser

The Graphics Library Browser lets you toggle between a view that displays all the available symbols and graphic template objects in your project libraries.

AutoCAD import

You can import AutoCAD drawings and select and manipulate the layers of the AutoCAD drawings during and after the import process.