The Desigo RXB room automation system controls and monitors comfort conditions in individual rooms. It supplies predefined solutions for HVAC.

See RXB Room automation system - system overview (CM110380).

The range consists of controllers, operator units and predefined applications. The applications are configured and downloaded with the ETS Professional commissioning and service tool.

See Working with ETS (CM1Y9779).

RXB topology

The Desigo RXB room automation system is based on KNX/EIB technology. To integrate Desigo RXB into the automation level, the RXB data is mapped to BACnet.

Group address / Binding

A group address / binding is a connection of network variables of the same type between different nodes. The group addresses / bindings are generated using ETS (EIB tool software) when designing the KNX/EIB network. The bound network variables communicate when changing the value and using a heartbeat. Transmission and reception times are also monitored, allowing you to react to communications errors.

Discipline I/Os

Discipline I/Os are function blocks in the PX KNX system controller, which gather data from the RXB controller and make it available on the BACnet network. Discipline I/Os are available for HVAC functions.

Konnex Association

The Konnex Association is an association founded by the manufacturers of KNX/EIB products, to define interoperability guidelines for KNX/EIB systems. The association is responsible for checking compliance and for the certification of KNX/EIB products.

KNX/EIB nodes

A KNX/EIB node is a device which is connected to the KNX/EIB bus and communicates with other KNX/EIB nodes.

Network variables (NV)

Network variables (NV) allow the exchange of data between different KNX/EIB nodes. Network variables may be input or output variables.

Room-based groups

The discipline I/Os representing the RXB controllers in a room are combined in the PX KNX system controller into a room-based group. The result is a room view.

Cross-room groupings

Cross-room groupings contain all the control variables common to a given user grouping (e.g., north facade, tenant A, west zone, etc.) and distribute these control variables to the associated room or group members.

PX KNX system controller

The PX KNX system controller comprises a PXC001(-E).D controller and loaded PX KNX firmware. Communication takes place via BACnet/LonTalk (PXC001.D) or BACnet/IP (PXC001-E.D). With the system controller, you can integrate the Synco RMU710, RMU720, RMU730 and RMH760 controllers into Desigo.


The PX KNX tool is used to configure the PX KNX system controller on the KNX side.