Desigo CC lets you quickly, easily, and accurately respond to any event.

Summary Bar

The Summary Bar contains a summary of the events occurring in the system and lets you quickly access functions, such as the Event List. It also displays information, such as the system status, the logged in user, etc. Depending on the client profile in use, the Summary Bar can be docked on the desktop or freely opened and closed as needed.

Event List

The Event List provides a complete and easily filtered list of events under control of Desigo CC. When the Event List is expanded, it clearly shows each event source, severity, current status, custom messages and suggested action steps through the use of text, color, and icon representations. You can acknowledge, silence, and reset alarms from the Event List.

Event Bar

When using profiles for critical event management, you can collapse the Event List into a condensed list of event buttons in an area called the Event Bar, that remains docked on the desktop for easy access. This lets you keep an eye on the current situation at all times.

Client profiles

To ensure the correct level of event management support for users in any situation, a workstation and/or users can be easily assigned predefined profiles supporting casual, intermediate, or dedicated event notification and management.

Fast treatment

From the Event List or Event Bar, you can quickly select an event and perform all the commands (e.g., Acknowledge, Reset, Close or Suspend) from the Event Detail Bar and Event List, without looking at treatment steps, viewing live video or a map of the alarmed area, etc. The event descriptor (visible when the Event List is expanded) contains a short description of the next action (which command to select).

When event treatment is in progress, you can send the available commands to the source object causing the event or suspend treatment.

Investigative treatment

From the Event List or Event Bar, operators can quickly open the System Manager with focus on the source of the event, and all information (live video, recent history, schedules, etc.) related to the event source.

Operating procedures

Operating procedures consist of a sequence of steps or actions, which the operator must, or is suggested to perform with the assisted treatment. For each step of a procedure, the system provides instructions and operating tools. With appropriate permissions, you can create, view, edit, or delete operating procedures.

Assisted treatment

From the Event List or Event Bar, operators can quickly open the assisted treatment to guide the operator through pre-configured operating procedures. Each operating procedure is composed of steps - some of which may be mandatory - for the user to complete (e.g., to see the graphic of the object in alarm, fill-in a treatment form, or automatically print the information of the event).