The room automation is part of the automation level. The room automation includes devices for the control functions within a room.

There are RX room controllers and Desigo PXC3/DXR2 room automation stations.

The PXC3/DXR2 room automation stations have the following functions:

  • Measuring, controlling and processing of I/O signals
  • Logging trend data
  • Monitoring process variables and generating alarms
  • Acknowledging and resetting alarms
  • Monitoring process variables for value changes
  • Exchanging data with clients and other automation stations
  • Monitoring hardware and software functions and generating events in case of faults or errors
  • Processing BACnet access for operation and monitoring of one or multiple clients
  • Handling errors, e.g., during data point exchange

The PX automation stations carry out coordination functions (Desigo room automation system functions), such as time synchronisation, life check, scheduling, etc., for the room automation stations.

Desigo supports the following communication technologies:

  • BACnet
  • KNX technology
  • DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)
  • LonWorks technology (only for RX)

Desigo room automation (PXC3..)

In Desigo room automation freely programmable PXC3 room automation stations control the room climate. The Desigo room automation product range integrates several disciplines (HVAC, lighting, shading). A room automation station can cover several rooms. The room automation stations are integrated seamlessly into Desigo PX and the management level via BACnet/IP.

Buttons, sensors, and actuators are connected to the PXC3 room automation via TX-I/O modules or KNX PL-Link modules.

The KNX interface of the PXC3 room automation stations allows the direct integration of devices with KNX PL-Link and KNX S-Mode in Desigo room automation. KNX PL-Link is fully compliant with the KNX standard. The PXC3 room automation stations support plug and play functionality with automation device detection. Devices with KNX PL-Link are parameterized with the Desigo tools. The KNX commissioning software (ETS) is not needed.

The PXC3.. room automation stations have an integrated web server for IP communication with touch room operator units. Engineering access is available via the web interface.

A subset of the available TX-I/O modules can be used with the PXC3 automation station.

The DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) bus of the PXC3...A room automation station lets you integrate lighting.

The PXC3.E16A room automation station is tailored for lighting applications. It has an on-board DALI interface for integrating up to 64 ECGs (electronic control gear).

Desigo room automation (DXR2..)

The DXR2 room automation stations let you automate heating, ventilation, air conditioning, shading, and lighting for rooms.

The room automation stations communicate with each other and other system components via BACnet/IP (DXR2.E…) or BACnet MS/TP (DXR2.M...).

The room automation stations support different I/O mixes, protocols (KNX S-Mode and KNX PL-Link for IP and KNX PL-Link for MS/TP) and power supplies (240/24V). Operating devices, buttons, sensors, and actuators for lighting and shading can be connected to the room automation stations via KNX PL-Link.

The room automation stations contain preloaded applications, but are also freely programmable. A comprehensive library of proven, standardized applications is available.

The DXR2.. room automation stations have an integrated web server for IP communication with touch room operator units. Engineering access is available via the web interface.

Desigo RXB

The RXB room controllers control the room climate in individual rooms and important parameters of the applications can be configured.

The RXB room controllers communicate via KNX.

The PX KNX system controller connects the room automation devices to Desigo PX and the management level and assumes coordination functions for room automation (grouping, scheduling, demand signal exchange, peer-to-peer, etc.).