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Number of XWP per BACnet internetwork (parallel engineering)


Parallel engineering is possible under the following limitations:

Node setup: Only one XWP per LonWorks/IP segment.

Download and online operation: Only one XWP per automation station.

Number of I/O function block instance per plan


The number of I/O function block instances are limited per plan (compound). Mapping of function blocks on BACnet sets the limit. The limit is lower for other function blocks mapped to BACnet.

Problems with a high number of data points per automation station

When the maximum number of data points for a PXC..U is reached (350), it may no longer be possible to load the program into the PX automation stations due to the number of data blocks generated during compilation.

In this case, carry out the following steps on the PX automation station:

  1. Reload parameters.
  2. Run Reorganize in the PX Design Manager.
  3. Go to Tools > Settings > Compilation download and select the Compress check box.
  4. Recompile the data.
  5. Perform a full download.