The modular Desigo PX automation stations / system controllers PXC00/50/100/200-E.D are supported as Desigo room automation system function controllers for the PXC3 room automation stations. For performance reasons, use PXC00-E.D where possible.

The local operator unit PXM10 cannot be used together with the following devices:

  • PXC3 room automation stations
  • PX KNX (PXC001.D/PXC001-E.D)
  • PXG3.L/PXG3.M (BACnet router)
  • PXG3.Wxxx (web interface BACnet/IP of Desigo Control Point)

No I/O modules may be connected to the system controller LonWorks PXC00(-E).D.

The modular series PXC…D (Desigo PX) and the PXC3 room automation stations do not have a PPS2 connection.