For supported BACnet protocol revisions, refer to the data sheet of each device and the user manual of each software tool.

Some third-party BACnet devices support higher BACnet protocol revisions than Desigo.


Desigo CC

Desigo devices with a lower revision or the same revision as Desigo CC

Third-party BACnet devices with a higher revision than Desigo CC

Properties from earlier BACnet protocol revisions can be read by a BACnet device, even if the device supports a higher BACnet protocol revision than Desigo CC.

New properties from a BACnet protocol revision higher than Desigo CC cannot be read or changed, because they are not recognized by Desigo CC.

The BACnet client ensures the backwards compatibility. Desigo CC should therefore have a BACnet revision that is at least the same as that of all connected BACnet servers.

Typically, BACnet devices of a given BACnet protocol revision fully support the features of earlier revisions. However, this is not always the case, and we recommend that you verify the compatibility in each case.

For BACnet functions supported in Desigo, see

Create and delete BACnet objects

The function can be used on PXC automation stations. PXC3 room automation stations are not supported.

Third-party devices can be processed with the same functionality as long as they support creating and deleting BACnet objects. PXM20 operating units do not display dynamic objects.

Backup and restore BACnet devices

The BACnet backup and restore function allows you to upload saved program data (application program) from a BACnet device to Desigo CC and restore it to the same or a new BACnet device.

The backup and restore function can only be performed if the third-party BACnet devices support it.

Compatibility Desigo Insight

For system compatibility of the Desigo Insight management station V6.0 SP2, see Desigo Building Automation System 6.0 SP, Technical Principles (CM110664 / 2016-09-20).

Compatibility Desigo CC

For system compatibility of the Desigo CC management platform, see Desigo CC System Description (A6V10415500).