The Desigo tools cover parts of the technical process and parts of the Desigo system:

Desigo Configuration Module (DCM) is in phase-out from 2023-10-31 until the end of 2026.

  • Desigo Configuration Module (DCM) lets you plan the system and determine the quantity during the sales phase.
  • Xworks Plus (XWP) lets you engineer, commission and service Desigo PX system components.
  • ABT Pro and ABT Site (Automation Building Tool) let you engineer, commission and service Desigo (BACnet) system components.
  • PX KNX-Tool lets you commission and service PX KNX.
  • Desigo CC Graphics Generator lets you automatically generate Desigo CC plant graphics using information from the System Definition Unit (SDU) and XWP.
  • System Definition Unit (SDU) lets you define application texts in different languages.
  • PX Open MONITOR lets you debug PX Open programs.
  • TX Open tool lets you configure and commission TX Open modules.
  • BIM tool lets you:
    • Commission TX-I/O modules and the Bus Interface Modules (BIM)
    • Simulate programs without I/O modules on the test rack
    • Configure the colors of the I/O status LED on the TX-I/O modules
  • Desigo Automation Level Migration Tool lets you copy engineering parameters, such as I/O addresses, texts, data point parameters, PID controller parameters and trend objects, of a Visonik controller to a PX automation station.
  • Desigo Point Test (DPT) lets you test data points for field devices and PX automation stations during commissioning.

Preloaded applications

Some automation stations contain preloaded applications, but are also freely programmable. A comprehensive library of proven, standardized applications is available and can be used instead of the preloaded applications.

XWP to PXC communication

XWP communicates with the PX automation station via BACnet/IP or BACnet/LonTalk. The CFC or Parameter Editor can communicate online with the PX automation stations. This is a useful aid both for commissioning and testing the automation stations, and for operation and monitoring. The pin values and some attributes of the compounds and blocks can be modified online.

To commission a Lon-based PX automation station, XWP must be connected to the same LonWorks network as the automation station. The program or program changes can be downloaded via BACnet router or PTP connection, which can also be used for monitoring and operation. The functionality to configure and commission the BACnet router is integrated in the XWP Network Configurator.