Upgrading from Desigo V6.2 Update 4 to V6.3 in the Regional Company (RC)

For details, see Overview of Documentation for Experts (CM110633en00_12) and Project Converter Wizard (CM110633en28_06).

  1. Install the XWP V6.3 tool and library. Install the ABT Site/Pro V4.3 tool and libraries.
  2. For details, see the release notes for the applicable tool: XWP, ABT Pro, and ABT Site.
  3. Convert the RC local library (XWP and ABT Pro) and name it RC local library V6.3.
  4. Install the RC local library V6.3 (XWP and ABT Pro).
  5. For details, see Library Maintenance Utility (CM110625en_04).