IT security

Building automation and control systems such as Desigo are increasingly integrated into a building's IT infrastructure and will often also be remotely accessible. Besides using the IT security features of the various products, it's very important to implement an IT secure integration into the site's IT infrastructure. For guidelines for such an IT secure integration, see Desigo Cybersecurity Guidelines Application Guide (A6V14142297). These guidelines are binding and must be implemented in every Desigo project.
Furthermore, the usual rules and best practice procedures from the IT world must also be observed to achieve a high protection level for the building automation and control system and the customer's IT infrastructure.

Compatibility with third party products

This document lists various versions of third party hardware and software, Siemens has tested the listed versions for compatibility with this version of the Desigo release and was satisfied with the results. Nevertheless, Siemens assumes no warranty or liability for any compatibility, be it backward, current and under no circumstances for future versions thereof as such compatibility is extremely dependent on the interaction of the system as a whole and the different components interacting. If assurance on compatibility is needed, then please inquire about a specific maintenance agreement for your system or solution.

Document structure

This document is split into two parts:

  • Chapter 3 to 23: Desigo System V6.3
  • Chapter 24: Desigo PXC4 and PXC5 range overview and planning overview
  • Chapter 25: Compatibility between Desigo System V6.3 and Desigo PXC4 and PXC5