Each automation station contains a device object. The device object:

  • Contains the device and system information for the automation station
  • Is based on the standard BACnet object as defined in the BACnet standard, and contains additional proprietary properties
  • Is always present and is set up in the automation station with initial values
  • Is not programmed in the CFC Editor as a function block and is not loaded with the program

You can monitor property values through a BACnet client (e.g., Desigo CC, XWP). You can change default values. You cannot read changed values back into Xworks Plus (XWP). When an automation station is replaced, you must reenter any changes made to property values.

The serial number in the row Serial number SN=150120C61487 consists of:

  • 15 = Year
  • 01 = Month
  • 20 = Day
  • C = Hardware version
  • 61487 = Consecutive number

Division into groups

The properties of the device object can be divided into groups based on category, e.g.:

  • BACnet communication and BACnet interoperability
  • Global properties and system functions
  • Local functions and settings
  • Statistics and diagnostics

Properties for BACnet communication and interoperability

These properties ensure communication and interoperability between BACnet devices, and are specified in the BACnet standard, e.g., Protocol version [ProtVn] and Vendor name [VndrNam]. Individual properties such as Object identifier [ObjId] are set up by XWP during the commissioning process on the network side.

Global properties

Individual properties of the device object are defined as global properties, because, from the system perspective, all automation stations on one site must have the same value. Global properties are only adjustable on the primary server.

Local properties

The device object contains local properties, which are necessary for the parameterizing and functional scope of global objects and for functions, such as life check, time synchronization and the replication of global objects. Local properties also include properties for the system status of the automation station, the time stamp for the generation of the program and the setting of the buffer size of the alarm queue.

These properties can be reviewed in the Online Properties window in the Network Configurator or CFC Editor in XWP.

Properties for statistics and diagnostics

These properties contain statistical and diagnostic information and can be reviewed in the Online Properties window in the Network Configurator or CFC Editor in XWP.