Desigo room automation

Desigo room automation offers solutions with greater functionality and flexibility allowing for energy-optimized plant operation without loss of comfort (efficiency class A).

The DXR1 and DXR2 room automation stations are perfectly suited to exclusively automate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in a room. In addition, the DXR2 can be extended with lighting and shading functions by adding devices with KNX PL- Link.

The PXC3 modular room automation stations are used in buildings with multiple disciplines for room automation (HVAC, lighting, blinds) all combined in one system.

Desigo RX

Desigo RX is a proven room automation product range featuring comprehensive communications and application functions for individual rooms. The product range consists of a series of communicating room controllers RXB with operator units and predefined applications for HVAC, lighting, and blinds. Desigo RX room automation is capable of autonomous operation. Integration of LonWorks or KNX network via the system controllers provides for additional functionality.