You can edit project data in the Xworks Plus Editors.

See Getting Started: Desigo Xworks Plus (CM110629).

Xworks Project Manager

The Xworks Project Manager lets you:

  • Create, open and archive projects
  • Check in/out project data for parallel engineering from the Branch Office Server (BOS)
  • Define PXC automation stations, control units and Desigo CC. The automation stations are not engineered here, but only used in the documentation and considered during the network check.
  • Define rough network overviews (network data) and control cabinet assignments (panel data)
  • Define further project data, data and automation stations for RXB and Desigo room automation
  • Create control cabinet assignments, that is, group automation stations to control cabinets. This way you can export data and create documentation per control cabinet.
  • View locally available projects. There is no connection to the Branch Office Server (BOS) in this mode.
  • View the properties of an object, e.g., a network, an automation station, etc.

Xworks Point Configurator

The Xworks Point Configurator lets you define the functions of an automation station. You can insert solutions for the object plant, plant section, aggregate and component into this technical hierarchy. You can configure prebuilt verified solutions using options (leaving out) or variants (options). After you select and configure the solution, the program is automatically created.