There are three types of project data:

  • Project data that is saved locally and then loaded into the system.
  • Data on the Branch Office Server (BOS).
  • Data that is loaded into the system with ABT Site and is not saved locally.

Project data is created during project engineering, when you create a project program using library components. Project programs define the sequence in which function blocks (programming elements) are processed, and what interconnections are used between blocks.

The library components are selected:

  • In Xworks Plus (XWP) in the Solution Generator (recommended workflow for Desigo PX)
  • In the CFC Editor from the compound and firmware libraries for Desigo PX
  • In Xworks Plus and Automation Building Tool (ABT) from the Desigo room automation stations

Desigo room automation applications

Desigo room automation room applications are configured in ABT by selecting the required functions or model rooms.

RXB room applications

RXB room applications are configured in XWP by selecting the required functions or sample rooms. Data import in XWP to address the room devices is carried out in different tools, depending on the RX device.

For device...

From tool...

RXB and KNX/EIB third-party devices

PX KNX tool and ETS

LonWorks third-party devices

Standard LON tools

PXC3 room applications

PXC3 room applications are programmed and configured in XWP/ABT by selecting and configuring the applications required for the rooms and room segments (application functions).

TX-I/O modules

The configuration of TX-I/O modules depends on the PX automation station:

  • PX automation station with island bus connection: The XWP/ABT tools transfer the configuration data (IOC) to the target automation station PX/PXC3.
  • PX automation station with P-bus connection: The configuration data (IOMD) from XWP is loaded into the I/O modules via the TX-I/O tool.

The IOC/IOMD configuration data is saved as project data.

Back up and restore

Project data is stored offline in XWP/ABT engineering tools. The backup and restore function creates a backup of the data and, in case of data loss, restores the data to the PX automation station.

Back up your data regularly to protect yourself against data loss.

The backup copy contains all necessary data of a PX automation station to ensure the automation station is fully functional after data restoration. You can back up and restore data on third-party automation stations. You can save engineering data on PX compact automation stations.


Data from the PX automation stations are saved as a backup copy on Desigo CC. The data is exported and saved as BACnet data.

To back up the data:

  • The PX automation station must be connected and available (online).
  • The PX automation station must support backup and restore.
  • The building automation and control system must work smoothly.


You can restore data backed up on Desigo CC to the corresponding PX automation stations. The restored PX automation station automatically restarts after data restoration.