Operation and monitoring

The key functions at the management level are operation and monitoring of the plant, including:

  • Graphics-based operation of the plant
  • Cross-site alarm generation and alarm transfer
  • Maintenance of a long-term log
  • Storage and graphical display of trend data
  • Graphics-based operation of time schedules
  • Display, navigation and modification of data objects, which are displayed in a hierarchical tree structure
  • Visual monitoring of the operation of primary plants (monitoring to reduce energy consumption and wear and tear)
  • Visual monitoring of the rooms (HVAC, lights and blinds)
  • Reporting function including energy reports
  • Centralized time control and calendar functions
  • Event program: Triggering system reactions based on system events

What is operation and monitoring?

Operation and monitoring encompasses all the interaction between a user and the plant via the building automation and control system.



Observing the operational status of the plant or building

Reading current values of all process variables, data objects and parameter settings

Receiving and acknowledging alarms

Overview of all pending alarms

Recording and analyzing trends

Observing the operational status of the building automation and control system

Overview of failed automation stations and network interruptions

Signaling of anormal hardware or software states in an automation station or in the associated field devices

Manipulating the operational status of the plant or building

Modifying parameter settings (e.g., setpoints of control programs)

Setting values for physical outputs of automation stations

Modifying system and management objects, especially calendars and time schedules

Devices for operation and monitoring

The following devices let you operate and monitor the system:

  • Desigo CC management platform either locally and/or with web operation
  • PXM touch panels and operating devices

Operation and monitoring types

There are four operation and monitoring types:

  • Generic operation
  • Limited (station-specific) generic operation
    You can limit the generic view to one or more selected automation stations (including alarm display).
  • Engineered (project-specific) operation
    You can generate a project-specific view in the engineering phase.
  • Limited (user-specific) operation in Desigo CC

Management platform

Desigo CC can be installed on one computer, with full server and client functionality, or on several separate computers. Web Clients, Windows App (ClickOnce) Clients and installed Clients can be added.

Remote management

Desigo CC can operate and monitor the automation level via a public network.