Branch Office Server (BOS)

Desigo V6.3 is compatible with Branch Office Server (BOS) V6.2 Update 4, but we recommend that you upgrade to BOS V6.3.

Desigo PXR / LonWorks system controller

A migration of previously programmed and operational V2.2 - V2.37 system controllers PXR11/12 to Desigo V6.3 using PXC00(-E).D+PXX-L11/12 is required:

  • To use LNS based LonWorks standard tools NL220 (Newron System) or LonMaker (Echelon) as an alternative to RXT10.5. This applies to projects based on LNS TE and OpenLNS.
  • When the runtime system (project) requires the use of certified devices with BACnet rev. 1.12.

There is no need to exchange existing PXR11/12 devices. Migration to PXC00(-E).D with a PXX-L…is only required if the aforementioned conditions are required.

For more information, see chapter Upgrade PXR11/12 in Desigo Xworks Plus Online Help (CM111006).