Create project:

  • Create project
  • ACP (passwords for accessing the automation stations)

ABT Site > Building

Create project structure (the building structure is room-oriented):

  • Create building topology (buildings, floors)
  • (Optional) Create user-specific building topology (UD structure)
  • Create network topology (define address ranges)
  • Create documentation (XWP Report Manager)

ABT Pro and ABT Site > Configuration

Create project library:

  • Program automation stations (ABT Pro)
  • Create templates for type-based automation stations (ABT Site > Configuration)
  • Create templates for room control units

ABT Site > Building

Create instances in the building:

  • Create automation stations, or rooms, based on the project-specific library per floor
  • Edit room parameters

ABT Site > Startup


  • Configure and load automation stations (node setup)
  • Carry out point test (subcontracting)
  • Parameterize

All projects are password-protected.