Acvatix Intelligent Valve

Acvatix Intelligent Valve is a pre-loaded device with a specific application. The Desigo tool environment supports the Intelligent Valve to allow smooth and lean BACnet/IP integration into Desigo projects.

See Intelligent Valve Datasheet (A6V11444716)

Use case

Acvatix Intelligent Valve acts as a control valve within a PX primary system. The Intelligent Valve communicates via BACnet IP.

Engineering and commissioning

Desigo Xworks Plus (XWP) in collaboration with ABT Site support engineering and commissioning of Acvatix Intelligent Valves with the following functionality:

  • Collaboration with Desigo Xworks Plus (XWP) for integration into Desigo PX Primary controller
  • Mass instantiation of Intelligent Valve devices
  • Parameterization of control and balancing functions with dedicated application type HvacFnct34 and prepared application templates
  • Pairing of virtual and physical devices
  • Mass download of Intelligent Valve application configurations
  • Upload of run-time instance data

See Engineering Instructions Document (A6V11572317).


The most sophisticated solution for new projects supports the complete workflow including the new Compound {IngtVlv1} for the Desigo PX Primary controllers. This compound offers a pre-engineered solution representing the most important datapoints, a trending of selected datapoints and an evaluation of the Intelligent Valve error indication used for alarming.

See Compound Library Reference Manual (A6V11625777).