System Manager

The System Manager lets you navigate the system, view and override current conditions, analyze historical operations, and configure the system. The System Manager contains the System Browser, Primary, Operation and Related Items panes that interact via built-in workflows. Multiple system management session can be concurrently used.

System Browser

The System Browser displays objects in the building control system through various views. You can search and filter objects, display object names and descriptions, and drag objects into Trends, Schedules, and Reports.

History Database (HDB)

Historical data is stored in an access-controlled MS SQL Server database. The System Management Console lets you create a project History Database (HDB) and link it to the active Desigo CC project on the main server. The history database is used to log a wide range of user and system activities, such as:

  • User and system activities
  • Alarms and their treatment
  • Faults that have occurred and are handled as batch messaging
  • Values that are logged as trends

Project database

The runtime data (process image) and the engineering data are stored in a file-based database in a subdirectory of the project directory. The data is unencrypted and database access can only be prevented by restricting access to the database files. The project directory needs to get shared when deploying installed clients. It is therefore important to restrict access on the db folder in the project directory to the Windows account running the Desigo CC main server.

Microsoft SQL Server

Desigo CC uses the Microsoft SQL database software. Microsoft SQL Express is included on the product installation DVD (Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 2, Express Edition, version 10.50.4000.0). Alternately, you can use an existing Microsoft SQL Server installation (same version 10.50.4000.0). In this case, the Desigo CC Installer will skip the Microsoft SQL Server installation. In both cases, Microsoft SQL must first be installed and running on the computer where the Desigo CC main server will be installed.

Microsoft IIS server

A Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server for Web Clients and Windows App Clients can be installed on the Desigo CC server or on a separate installation (web server).

License Manager

Licensing ensures the operation of the system within the agreed system limits. Only the system is allowed to change license data.

If a license becomes temporarily unavailable (e.g., due to network connection issues) the system continues to run fully operational for a grace period. The system continues to check for the license and shuts down at the end of the grace period, if none of the license checks succeed.

Exceeding the limits of the license (e.g., by integrating more field system data points than stated in the license) puts the system into courtesy mode. Phases of courtesy mode accumulate until a total duration of 30 days is exceeded, then the server shuts down. Unless new licenses are made available, after a manual restart the system again goes into courtesy-mode exceeding and shut down.

Any unauthorized attempt to modify system license data directly in the database (e.g., changing the remaining time of a specific license mode) shuts down the system.