The Desigo tools cover parts of the technical process and parts of the Desigo system.

Main tools

The most important tools are:

Desigo Configuration Module (DCM) is in phase-out from 2023-10-31 until the end of 2026.

  • Desigo Configuration Module (DCM): For designing the Desigo system in the sales phase
  • Xworks Plus (XWP): For engineering, commissioning and servicing Desigo PX system components
  • Automation Building Tool (ABT): For engineering, commissioning and servicing Desigo system components

Special tools

There are also special tools, e.g.:

  • Tools for configuring and commissioning specific product families, such as RXT10 for the configuration of room devices on LON
  • Tools for specific tasks, such as the AL Migration Tool for the migration of legacy system components to Desigo PX
  • See Automation level migration, Engineering manual (CM110776).