The Desigo Automation Building Tool (ABT) is used for engineering and commissioning Desigo room automation.

Project data storage in a Desigo project is handled by Xworks Plus (XWP), that is, you can create a customer project in XWP and check it in to the Branch Office Server (BOS) using Xworks Project Manager. XWP is also used in the Desigo room automation project to carry out the network check and to create the network documentation. Some project reports, which also encompass the Desigo room automation stations are created in XWP.

ABT Site > Projects

In ABT Site > Projects you create projects and define project settings.

ABT Site > Building

In ABT Site > Building you create building topologies. The topology shows the assignment of room segments and rooms to floors and buildings.

You can define the grouping hierarchies for the central functions and assign the grouping members to the grouping managers. You can create a user designation with a user hierarchy.


In ABT Pro you program automation stations (project-specific solution). Project-specific solutions can be created in the Center of Competence (CoC) and used as project-specific types in the project in ABT Site.

ABT Pro contains the CFC Plus editor for programming in CFC.

ABT Pro shows:

  • The automation station objects
  • The hardware view of the automation station
  • The properties of the selected object
  • The project-specific library
  • Installed libraries

In the ABT Pro editors you configure room applications, rooms and BACnet objects. In the CFC Plus editor you can program with CFC blocks. The CFC chart contains CFC blocks and connections. A CFC block library is available. ABT Pro is based on the Siemens TIA portal.

ABT Site > Configuration

In ABT Site > Configuration you configure preloaded application types or project-specific types.

ABT Site > Startup

In ABT Site > Startup you scan networks, load configurations and read back parameters.

ABT Site > Web interface

The Web interface component displays instances of configured devices for online commissioning and engineering.