User management

  • User logon function to protect access.
  • Automatic logoff function (can be disabled as an option).
  • Online user management: Create, edit, and delete user accounts.
  • Data point access based on user rights.


  • Event list for the generic display of alarms and events, regardless of whether they are included in a user view.
  • Trend and display historical, confirmed alarms and events.
  • Forward alarm messages to multiple e-mail or SMS recipients. An SMS gateway on the Internet is used for alarming via SMS.
  • Alarms are forwarded pursuant to a configurable schedule and based on alarm priority.
  • The email subject line with alarm message can be configured.


  • Graphic display of multiple trend objects on a trend graph on two Y-axes.
  • Trend objects can be read from remote Desigo PX automation stations (offline trend) or created during runtime on the device, dynamically (online trend).
  • Highly flexible configuration and modification to trend view.
  • Manual export of trend data via CSV file.
  • Automatic transmission of trend data via email or save to an FTP server, pursuant to a schedule.


  • Operate BACnet schedulers and calendar programs.
  • Supported scheduler program objects: Analog, binary, and multistate.
  • Operate local and global calendars on Desigo PX automation stations.
  • Create and copy efficient exception programs easily.


  • Filter data points by alarm state, operating state, or object type.
  • Manually export reports via CSV file.
  • Transmission of reports via email or saving to an FTP server.