Libraries are needed during engineering. You can create loadable applications using libraries. Library elements are compiled from system basic components, e.g., the Desigo CC graphic library contains default graphics for visualizing plants during engineering.

You can copy and customize or extend libraries. Every engineering level has a library. Libraries can cover many combinations.

DXR2 automation stations are delivered with preloaded applications and only need to be configured.

There are three library types:

  • HQ libraries are tested, well documented and delivered with the system version. Every new Desigo version contains new libraries.
  • RC libraries are tested, well documented and contain country-specific characteristics. They are optional, independent or an addendum to the HQ library. Not all RCs offer comprehensive libraries.
  • Project-specific libraries are not tested and documented.

Application libraries

Application libraries contain plant-specific functions (heating, cooling, control of electrical equipment, etc.) or templates for subsystem bindings. You can set up and manage libraries with the Xworks Plus (XWP) and Automation Building Tool (ABT) engineering tools.

PX libraries

The functional units of the PX application libraries are defined by compounds. You can copy, change and extend the compounds of the PX library.

Application libraries for PX are designed using the same application principles and are provided via Xworks Plus during project engineering.

PXC3/DXR2 libraries

The functional units of the PXC3/DXR2 application libraries are defined by application functions. You can copy, change and extend the application functions of the PXC3/DXR2 library.


The library elements have plant-specific or function-specific setting and configuration parameters:

  • Setting parameters: The default values are defined by the application and usually do not require adjustment.
  • Configuration parameters: The default values can be adapted as needed.

Graphics libraries

Graphics libraries contain graphics that represent the operating elements of the firmware and application libraries. The graphics are used in Desigo CC to visualize and operate plants. The elements of the graphics libraries depend on the elements of the application libraries. Any changes to the application libraries must therefore also be made to the graphics libraries.

The graphics libraries for Desigo PX and PXC3/DXR2 are identical.