This contains all the programs running on the site




Allows you to Backup a program.


Allows you to restore saved programs or upload new ones.

Legacy Bline

Opens the old Bline editor.

Logic Info

Same as the Logic info in the previous menu, presents debug information regarding the programs ran on the project.

Create New Program

Opens the Create New Program prompt.


When you click on a program, a slider menu displays with the following options:


Opens the program in the bLine application allowing it to be edited.


Using this option, you can edit the programOn tags.


Opens a new submenu showing further details of the program.

Logic Builder

① Show All Targets

Displays all points affected by the program

② Edit

Opens the App so the program can be edited.

③ Organize

Allows setting Folder Paths for programs.

④ Routines

Displays the number of routines on the selected program.

⑤ Add Variables

Allows you to add Variables to the program.

⑥ Tasks/Program

Shows debug information for tasks and the programs respectively.
Under Tasks/Program, the Variables display with the value on the right.


Variables Options


If the variable is linked to a point with actions set, the action button displays, allowing you to set the point to the required status.

Read/Write (RW)

Displays the Read/Write options.


Launches the unbind variable prompt.
This enables you to unbind a variable from a point.


Launches the edit Variable prompt allowing setting variable properties.