1. Select > System Integrator Apps > Logic Builder.
System Integrator Apps > DB Builder
  1. In the slider menu, click New.
Slider menu > New
  • The Create Program dialog box displays with required fields.
  1. Once the dialog box is completed, click Okay.
Create Program
Create Program dialog box




Give the program a name.


Type a description for what the program is for/does.

Program On

Specify what this program will run on.


You can choose the points, ref points, or bundles that they would like to use in the program.


If you would like to use tags found on the equip itself or tags found on refs found on the equip itself.

Project Variables

If you created project variables in other programs, choose one here to use in this program.

Absolute Points

Choose points from anywhere in the DB Builder to use in the program, basically specific hardcoded points.


① Points

This displays points found on the equip you are creating this program on, points found on the equips that this equip has refs too, and bundles from other equips that have a ref to this equip.

In the DB Builder, there are VAVs that have a ref to the AHU. The created program runs on the VAVs. Then because the VAVs have a ref to the AHU, on the AHU, then there is a bundle so that you can then use that program to do some calculations to get total airflow, temp, count of vavs, etc.
For more about bundles, see Bundles.

② Tags

To use tags found on the equips or refs in the program logic, click Tags.

Tags on Target displays tags based on the target you are creating this program on. "siteRef" and "floorRef" are other options as well since every equip has refs to those by default. Once selecting an option, the tags available on that ref become available to choose to include in the program.
Once tags are selected, click Okay.

③ Project Variables

Project variables can only be created inside a program. To use that newly created project variable to use in another program, select the option when creating a new program.

④ Absolute Points

To use points from another equip for the program, click Absolute Points.
It displays the same Nav structure in the DB Builder so that you can find the points to use. The points are hardcoded by ID.