Virtual Points displays a new menu view that gives you a list of points available in that graphic and also allows you to update, format, and create a new virtual point.

① + New VirtualPoint

Allows you to create a new virtualPoint within the graphic

  1. Click + New VirtualPoint.
  • The Add VirutalPoint dialog box displays.
  1. Select one of the following from the VirtualPoint Type drop-down:
  • Number
    Enter a default numeric value (#).
  • Boolean
    Enter a default boolean value (True or False).
  • String
    Enter any string value (text).
  • Query
    Enter a filter, axon query, and to choose whether you want a single value or a table. 
  • @Filter: This section is concatenated into the Axon Query below. You can use the filter button to enter the @filter.
  • Axon Query: Enter an entire Axon Query using the filter in the first section.
    If you are not very advanced with Axon, enter the @filter section and leave the Axon Query section as is.
  • Return Single Value checkbox: Enter a single value.
    If multiple values are entered, only the first result will result in the points value.

② Update Binding

The Update Binding section allows you to update the point bindings of all the virtual points within the graphic.

  1. Once selected, the Update Bindings dialog box displays with all available points.

Wherever you are in the breadcrumb list will be the Update Bindings target.

  1. In the Points to Update Bindings section,-select which point(s) have updated bindings.
  1. Select how to update the point bindings. There are three options:
  • Relative By Tags
  • Relative by navName
  • Absolute

For more information on what each option does, see Absolute, Relative By Tags, Relative by navName.

③ CurVal Format

The CurVal Format option allows you to format the value of what a point is returning, to some other format available from

  1. Once selected, the CurVal Format dialog box displays with all of the available points.
  1. Select which points to format, and then select the format type from the available list in the drop-down menu.
  1. Click Next.
  • The Confirm Format dialog box displays.
  1. Enter the format string.
  1. Click Apply.
  • This adds the string curValFormat on the point with the selected format.