Use this to remove unused and/or duplicate virtualPoints.

Clean Virtual Points
  1. In the Virtual Points pane, right-click on the desired virtual point.
  1. Select Clean Virtual Points.
  • The Confirmation Modifications dialog box displays.
Confirm Modifications dialog box

The Duplicated Virtual Point to Keep field only displays if the selected Virtual Point has a duplicated point.

  1. You can do the following in the Confirm Modifications dialog box:
  • Unused Virtual Points: Select which unused point(s) (not bound to any component) to remove. If unsure, unselect the point(s).
    This only looks for points not bound to any component as a virtualPointRef. Make sure you unselect those used for logic purposes.
  • Unresolved Virtual Points to Remove: If applicable, select the unresolved virtual points to remove.
    Removes virtual points that do not resolve to anything in the database.
  • Duplicated Virtual Point To Keep: Select from the drop-down which point to keep.
    Whichever point is kept rebounds to the components that the other duplicates were bound to, if any. The duplicates are determined by the binding tag found on the points.
  1. Click Apply.