The Graphics Builder App contains many features for creating graphics.
See the following topics for an overview of the major sections:

  • Builder Tools Menu (Top)
  • Builder Edit Menu (Right)
  • Builder Pane Menu (Left)
  • Builder Tabs (Bottom)
  • Builder Right-click Menu
Graphics Builder UI

Accessing the Graphics Builder App

Select > System Integrator Apps > Graphics Builder .
The number on the tile displays the number graphics in the selected level of the building hierarchy.

System Integrator Apps > Graphics Builder.

Graphics Builder options

The slider menu displays three options:

Graphics Builder slider menu
  • Launch
  • New
  • Menu


Select Launch to open the Graphics Builder App and display a blank work area.

Graphics Builder, open.


Click New to display the Create a Graphic dialog box, that helps you create new graphics in the current building hierarchy.
See the topic Creating a New Graphic more information.


Select Menu to open the Graphics Builder in the right pane.

Existing Graphics: Edit/Points/graphicOn/Delete

Graphics slider menu

You can do the following in the graphics slider menu:

  • Edit: Opens that specific graphic in the Graphics Builder App to edit.
  • Points: Allows you to view the points in that specific graphic.
  • graphicOn: Allows you to view/edit the graphicOn tag.
    graphicOn is the tag that determines what tags the graphic is running on.
  • Delete: Deletes the specific graphic.

Font Support

Custom fonts supported must be in .ttf or .otf formats.