1. Select > System Integrator Apps > DB Builder.
System Integrator Apps > DB Builder
  1. Select the Equip Tree.

Equip Tree Main View

Use the Equip Tree to review records within a project.

Equip Tree Main View

Record Count
Displays numbers of records found.

Record Selection Status
Shows how many records are selected.
Select each record to view.
Click Selected.

Navigation Tabs
Contains tabs to view Sites, Floors, Equips, Points, Connectors, and Tuning Policy data.

Page Tools
Click to AddAdd records.
Click to can, Edit, Duplicate, and Delete records.
Click to view the Tools menu.
Click to download records.

Data window
Displays list of selected data.

You can expand the Equip Tree components contained in each site. The default navigation hierarchy is Site > Floor > Equip > Point.

  • To navigate to specific records, select the level.
  • A list with the items in the level displays.

Change Column Properties in the Grid View

  1. To choose the columns that display in the Grid view, select Grid Settings.
  • The Column Properties dialog box displays.
  1. Select Show to display or hide the column.
  1. Select OK.
  • The column view will be updated to show the selected columns.

Filter Data

  1. To filter data, select the level to view.
  1. Select Filter.
  • A drop-down list of filterable components displays.
  1. Select the check boxes of the filters to be used.
  1. Select OK.

Adjust Number of Records Per Page

  1. To adjust the number of records that display on each page, select the level to be viewed.
    Blue text indicates the active level; the text for inactive levels is gray.
  1. Select More.
  • A dialog box displays, indicating the number of records listed on each page and the number of maximum results for each query.
  1. Use the up and down arrows to adjust the numbers or enter the number in the text box.
  • The data dialog box adjusts dynamically.

Essentials Tab

Site Essentials and Equip Essentials

When a Site or an Equip is selected in the Available Trees menu, the Essentials tab contains the following sections:

Equip Tree Essentials Tab UI

Page Tools
Links to the Property Editor and the Tools menu

Essentials Tab
Includes the Site or Equip Name, location, and weather tag

Marker Tags
Shows marker tags.

Property Tags
Shows point property tags.

Point Essentials

When a Point is selected in the Available Trees menu, the Essentials tab contains more information than a Site or Equip Essentials tab.

To review detailed information about Point Essentials fields, see the Point Property Sheet.

Point Essentials

Property Tags
Shows point property tags.

Marker Tags
Shows marker tags

Provides schedule data.

Provides read data.

Includes navName, type of point, point kind, if the point is local or connected, and other details.

Page Tools
Includes basic and advanced tools.

Provides write data.

Provides a graphical preview of the point's history.