If you want to assign the standard tuning policies, we recommend two methods for BACnet or Haystack.

Create a Tuning Policy

  1. Select > System Integrator Apps > DB Builder .
System Integrator Apps > DB Builder
  1. Navigate to the Tuning Policy Tree, and then click Add.
  • The Create a Tuning Policy dialog box displays
Create a Turning Policy dialog box
  1. Fill out the required fields in the dialog box.
  1. The tuning policy displays in a list under the Tuning Policy tree.
  1. The stats for the tuning policies are:
  • Conn Default Policy - 60 seconds
  • Sensors - 15 seconds (fast)
  • Commands - 25 seconds (medium)
  • Setpoints - 45 seconds (slow)
  • Schedule - 20 seconds (contains writeSchedule tag)