Use this to create a site graphic in the Graphics Builder.





1 - Navigate and Create

  1. Navigate to the site you want to create a graphic for.

In the breadcrumb list, make sure your designated site is the stopping point.

  1. Select > System integrator Apps > Graphics Builder.
System Integrator Apps > Graphics Builder
  1. In the Graphics Builder slider menu, click New.
Graphics Builder slider menu
  • The Create a Graphic dialog box displays with required fields.
  1. Click OK.
Create a Graphic required fields



Graphic Name

Create a name for the new site graphic.

Select floors to include in site graphic

Select the desired floors from the drop-down menu.

2 – Bring in the Image

Graphics Properties Pane
  1. In the Properties Pane > Basic view, click the Background drop-down.
  1. Change the type from color to image.
  1. Click Browse.
  • The Import dialog box displays with all files.
  1. Select the file from the dialog box and then click Import.
  1. Adjust image size if needed.

3 – Draw and Bind Zone Poly’s

  1. Click in the Components pane and select Virtual Points.
  1. Select the virtual point for the equip before you draw it.
  1. Click Polygon .
  1. Draw out the poly’s as desired.
    Click the ESC key to stop drawing the poly.
  1. Select the point to verify it.
  1. Navigate to the Properties pane.
  1. In the Advanced view, find virtualpointref
  1. To edit mistakes, click Polygon Edit .
  1. Drag-and-drop the virtual point over the correct poly to update the binding.

4 - Utilize Magic Buttons

You can display smartLabels over the created polys in two ways.

  1. In the Graphics Builder Edit menu, click Magic Buttons .
  1. Under the Floor section, click Smart Label to Polys.
  • Clicking Smart Label to Polys displays the Smart Labels over the poly with the same Virtual Point binding
    As long as each poly has the same point, the Smart Label displays over the binding.
Magic Buttons Floor

Desigo Optic automatically sizes the Smart Labels to match the label size of the Poly.

5 - Save and Close

Click Save to publish the graphic and save changes.