The Status BG Colors tool is used to apply custom colors to smartLabels based on the curVal or custom tag.
You need to know the hex color codes (ie. - #ff0000) depending on the color(s).

There are various websites to get these codes, below are a few:

How to use Status BG Colors

Multiple smartLabels of the same type of point can be selected to apply same statusBGColors configuration. If different point types of smartLabels are selected, it applys to one point type. Then select the other type to configure them.

  1. Open a graphic in Builder pane, and then select a smartLabel.
  1. Right-click on the smartLabel, and then select Style > Status BG Colors.
Style > Status BG Colors
  • The Status BG Colors dialog box displays.
  1. From the Kind drop-down, you can select three options:
  • Boolean
  • Number
  • Enum/String
  1. In the Status Tag section, select the tag to base the color(s) off of.
    Make sure to change the kind depending on the type of tag it is.
  1. Click Next.
  1. Depending on what you selected, three separate dialog boxes display:
  • Boolean: The Status BG Colors Values dialog box displays.
  • Number: The Status BG Colors Items Number dialog box displays.
  • Enum/String: The Status BG Colors Items Number dialog box displays.

To find out how many properties have been configured, select the smartLabel and then open the Properties pane, navigate to Advanced Properties and expand the statusBGColors.

Removing Properties

To remove the statusBGColors property manually, click next to the statusBGColors property, and then click Remove.

Remove statusBGColors

Alarm Points - Boolean (Auto)

If the boolean point in DB Builder or in VirtualPoints is tagged as alarmPoint, tag the smartLabel as statusBGColors.

To reverse the color logic, add reverseAlarm marker tag on the point in DB Builder.
This is dynamic on relative graphics

If reverseAlarm marker tag exists on the virtualPoint in Graphics Builder, remove it because it will be hardcoding.