To create a MD-xxHD equipment, the template wizard will create connectors, equipment, graphics, and summaries within the database. Desigo Optic provides 2-Wire 1-Phase, 3-Wire 1-Phase, and 3-Wire 3-Phase/4-Wire 3-Phase templates. To apply these templates to an equip, you may either add a row or use auto-discover.

  • You have enabled Template Wizard.
  1. Launch DB Builder.
  1. From the DB Builder, select the app menu icon in the upper-left.
  1. Select Template Wizard.
  • The Template Wizard window will appear.
  1. Either create a connector with Auto-Discover OR, Add Row.
  • Auto-Discover: To create a connector with Auto-Discover, select Auto-Discover. From the resulting dialog box, select Start Discovery to retrieve and select from a list of discoverable devices to use as a template. Once the desired devices are checkmarked, Select Select Devices to add them.
  • Add Row: To create a connector with Add Row, Select Add Row and then Next.
  1. Choose from the 2-Wire 1-Phase, 3-Wire 1-Phase, and 3-Wire 3-Phase/4-Wire 3-Phase templates as desired.
  1. Select Create Database.
  • The Create Database button will change to show a percentage. If a percentage does not appear, this indicates the operation has failed. Once successfully loaded, the screen will display "complete" .
  1. Select Done.
  1. Refresh the equip tree.
  • You will see your new equip in the tree.