You can add a defaultWriteLevel numeric property tag to their BACnet or NHaystack connectors to set a default write level for any point that gets dragged out of that connector.

Setting the defaultWriteLevel

This process is the same for both the BACnet and NHaystack connector.

  1. Select > System Integrator Apps > DB Builder .
System Integrator App > DB Builder
  1. Expand the Connectors Tree.
  1. Select the connector point(s) that need to change the write level.
    You need to have an existing connector prior to setting the defaultWriteLevel.
  1. Select Write Level.
Write Level
  • The Set Default Write Level dialog box displays.
  1. Set the value you want as the default.
  1. Click Apply.
  • Whenever points are dragged out from that connector, they automatically have a default write level set.

Setting the Write level on Existing Points

If you already have points in Desigo Optic, use Change Write Levels to change the default write level.