The isType Block allows you to make a boolean point on/off depending on the value of a given type.

The isType Block can be found in the Block Library under the Logical group.

Block Library

Using the isType Block

The isType block can be used inside different blocks like: SET, IF, RETURN....

  1. If you have a Set block and you want to have the fan be on if the type of variable is a number.
    Set any boolean point to equal isType like above.
  1. Click on the isType block and select Number for type.
  1. After selecting Number, type in the name of the variable under the Val property or drag the variable.

The coolingCoil is a number variable. If the variable is a number type, then make the boolean on.
If it is a different type like a boolean type, then it will be set to off. The variable has to be the type decided, if not, it will be false.

isType block