Use this procedure to add a new tenant.

  1. In the Manage Tenants slider menu, click Add.
  1. The Add Tenant window will open. Use the drop-down menu to pick the user you want to add as a tenant.
  • Click Next.
  1. The Mailing Address window will open.

Mailing Address

The mailing address of the tenant. Must be written in the following format: Street address, City, State Zip. If there is an apartment or suite number, include it with the street address without a comma. For example, 1550 Valley Vista Drive Ste 200, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

(Optional) Billing Area

The area associated with the tenant.
May be left blank, but you must use the billZone tag.

Minimum Billable Time

The minimum amount of time that an equipment is triggered before billing the tenant. Include the unit of time, such as min, s, or h.


The billing rate per hour. Automatically assigned as USD but can be changed by editing the user after tenant properties are applied.

Trigger Point

Indicates the point used for billing.
Enter the trigger point ID from the equipment that will be used.

Round Hours

Check this box to round hours (for example, 45-minutes will be rounded to 1-hour).
Un-check this box to bill for the exact amount of time.

Flat Rate

Check this box to enable a flat rate for all tenants.
Un-check this box to charge tenants individually.

Other Fees

Check this box to enable other recurring fees (Rent, Parking Fee, Billing Fee, Other Fee, and Credit). Recurring fees can be configured in the next pop-up window.
Un-check this box to disable other recurring fees.

  • After completing the Mailing Address window, click OK.
  • If you did not select a trigger point, then the new tenant has been added. You can see the changes in the user’s property editor.
  • If you selected a trigger point, the Select Trigger Value window will open.