Modbus Ext is enabled in the Settings > Ext App.

Using Modbus

  1. Select and expand the Connectors Tree.
  1. Click Modbus.
Connectors Tree > Modbus

Create Modbus Connector

  1. Click Add to create a new Modbus connector.
  • The Add ModbusConn dialog box displays with required fields.
  1. Click Add.




Name of the connector


The slave of the modbus device being connected (default is 1).

Existing Register Map

If you already configured a Modbus connector, you can see available registers to choose from or create a new one with the next property ModbusRegMapUri.


Where you would specify the name of the register map to link with this connector. Replace "xxx" with whatever the name of the register map is.


Where the Uri of the modbus connector would be specified. Enter the host, protocol and port if not standard default 502.
Supported protocols: modbus-tcp (TCP/IP) or modbus-rtutcp (serial RTU over TCP


Next Steps: Create a Register Map.