The DB Builder App contains functions, or trees, that allow you to add, delete, and edit project records.

Accessing the DB Builder App

Select > System Integrator Apps > DB Builder .

System Integrator > DB Builder

DB Builder Features

The main DB Builder dialog box contains the following sections:

DB Builder

Select Tree Menu

The Select Tree drop-down menu contains a list of trees and you can display or hide in the Available Trees panel.
See DB Builder Trees for the full list of available trees.

Select Tree drop-down menu

Edit the Select Tree View

  1. Select the Select Tree drop-down arrow.
  1. Select Show to display or hide the tree.
  1. Click OK.

Available Trees

The Available Trees displayed in this view is determined by the trees shown or hidden in the Select Tree drop-down menu.
See DB Builder Trees for the full list of available trees.

Available Trees Tools Menu

The Available Trees Tools menu is context-sensitive, which means that the available actions differ based on the selected tree and location.

  • : Add an item.
  • : Delete the selected item.
  • : Edit the selected item.
  • : Opens the Tools menu.


  1. Select an item and click .
  1. Select the item to create.
  • Additional dialog boxes may display to add the item.
  1. Click Create.


  1. Select an item and click .
  • A Warning dialog box displays, confirming the deletion.
  1. Click Delete.


  1. Select an item and click .
  1. Select Edit [Item name].
  • The Edit [item name] dialog box displays.
  1. Make the desired changes.
  1. Click Apply.

Tools Menu

  1. Select an item and click Tools .
  • The Tools dialog box displays.
  1. Select the desired tool.

Grid Settings

The Grid Settings allow you to select the column settings that display in the Grid view.

Adjust the Grid View

  1. To adjust the Grid view, select Grid Settings .
Column Properties
  1. Click Show to display or hide the property.
  1. Click OK.

Grid View

Project data is displayed through a Grid view for all DB Builder trees.
The Equip Tree also displays data in tab and Essentials views.

The columns in this view depend on the column properties set (shown or hidden) in Grid Settings.

Display the Property Editor

  • Click to open the Property Editor, which displays all tags used for that record.
Property Editor

For more information on Property Editor, see Property Editor.

Grid Tools Menu

Context-sensitive tools may appear at the bottom of the Grid view. The tools depend on the location in the application.

If present, Grid Tool menu functionality is described on Individual trees pages; see DB Builder Trees for the full list of trees.