Point actions may need to be modified depending on point configuration. In the Writable section, click to open the Editor.

Has Priority Array

  • Emergency action writes to Level 1.
  • Manual action writes to Level 8.
  • Set default action writes to the Relinquish Default property.
  • Set null action will not write null to the Relinquish Default property because BACnet does not accept null as a value for that property.
    • In general, the Set null action will not be used on any BACnet point and should be removed across the database using the Action Category Permission tool.

No Priority Array

  • Direct writes to the Present Value property.
  • If a single action controls a point, the last write will control the point.
  • If multiple actions control a point, the highest priority item in the FIN write array controls the point.
    • For example, if Emergency and Manual actions are used, the Emergency action will have priority over the Manual action. If the Emergency level is released, the Manual level will write and control the point.

Relinquish Default property not writable

  • If you cannot configure the Relinquish Default property to a point, then remove the Set default action.

Boolean/Real data type proprietary properties

  • Direct writes to the proprietary property.
  • The last write controls the point.
  • Best practice is to keep one of the actions to write to the point.
  • Null is not a valid value for these properties.

Enum Integer data type proprietary properties

  • A special action is required to write to the point.
  • Null is not a valid value for these properties.
  • If you rename the emergency actions, change the hvac_finCat function because it determines what level actions the user can access.
  • Command the point via actions, not programs or schedules.