The DB Builder App is a collection of tools to help build your database. These collections are organized as Trees. When the DB Builder App opens, all available Trees display.

This list includes:

  • Equip Tree: Used to navigate within a database and see the hierarchy of records.
  • Graphics Tree: View the points associated with graphics data.
  • Programs Tree: Displays a list of the programs used in a project.
  • Connectors Tree: View and add new connectors, which will help to import your data.
  • Schedules Tree: Allows you to quickly view existing schedules and points linked to the schedules.
  • Clones Tree: Select tags to clone to other records based on a selected filter.
  • Jobs Tree: Allows you to create, edit, and view existing jobs in the project.
  • Relationships Tree: View or create relationships between records.
  • Tag Bundles Tree: Create and save frequently used tag executions.
  • Saved Filters Tree: Create and save frequently used filters.
  • Templates Tree: Allows you to see all templates created using the Template Wizard and downloads your templates as .fst files.