A Connected Point displays:

  • siteRef: Represents a reference to the site under which the point is located.
  • equipRef: Represents a reference to the equip under which the point is located.
  • Cur Path: Represents a reference to the point location from where the current value will be taken.
  • Write Path: Represents a reference to the point location from where the path is located.
Connected Point


The toggle bar is activated by default, and it enables the point to have a current value.

The curConvert is activated, if the point is a connected point and not a local point


This option allows you to make the point writable, the default write level is 17.

The writeLevel updates to the corresponding write level of action selected (either manual or emergency).

Editing the Actions menu

The Actions menu can be edited in order to change the wording of the command in the Menu, or to remove certain actions from showing for all users.

The 7 default actions are in place. But, 3 action lines have been added that issue BACnetWrite commands to the point at BACnet emergency level 1.

  1. In the Point Property Sheet, select Advanced view.
  1. In the writable cell, click Actions, and then select on the arrow
  1. Edit the Actions.

Outline of Action Properties

Action properties property tags
  1. In the Actions tag section, edit the dis portion of the tag contents as desired.
  1. To change the Emergency Actions to say ESTART, ESTOP, and EAUTO, replace the wording in each action line dis the section as desired.
  1. Click on Apply.
  1. Emergency Active command can be changed, by making that line read:
    "ESTART","pointEmergencyOverride(\$self, true)",9.
  1. You can change all the Emergency Actions from their default text:

Be aware that by issuing BACnet commands, you are bypassing both the internal Desigo Optic point priority array as well as the normal BACnet connector architecture. The command is issued directly to the connected point and BACnet device; but essentially, the local point will only see the end result coming back through the connRef and the associated bacnetCur tag. The BACnet command being issued does not display in the local priority array.