If you want to create a template graphic you will consistently be using, you can create your own template to appear as a template option when creating a graphic.




1 – Navigate and Create

  1. Navigate to the equip you want to create a graphic for.

In the breadcrumb list, make sure your designated equip is the stopping point.

  1. Select > System Integrator Apps > Graphics Builder .
System Integrator Apps > Graphics Builder
  1. In the Graphics Builder slider menu, click New.
Graphics Builder slider menu
  • The Create a Graphic dialog box displays with required fields.
    For required fields, see the workflow Creating an Equip Graphic.
  1. Click OK.
  • The graphic is created using those parameters, and displays in the Graphics Builder pane.
  1. To edit the graphic, click on the graphic name in the menu.
  1. In the slider menu, click Edit.
Edit Graphics
  1. Setup the duct work and remove any points.
  1. Click Save .

2 – Edit Graphic Record

  1. Navigate to > Advanced Apps > Folio .
  1. In the slider menu, click Launch.
Folio slider menu
  1. In the query bar, enter the tag fin5.
  1. Select the newly created graphic from the list.
  1. Click , and then click Edit in the drop-down menu.
  1. Remove the graphicOn tag, and then add finTemplate marker tag.
  1. Click Apply.